Low hemoglobin

Despite the fact that most women in the diet there is enough iron-rich foods, low hemoglobin found in many of them. The reason is that the iron is poorly absorbed by the body. So, from animal products only 15-20% absorbed trace elements from the plant - in 2-3 times less. Enhances the absorption of iron vitamin C as well as trace elements copper and cobalt.

With a shortage of iron in the body is developing iron deficiency anemia. Its main symptoms are fatigue, headaches and constipation. Marked pallor of the skin and mucous membranes, broken heart operation may change the taste, such as pregnant can begin to eat chalk or clay. Deteriorating condition of the skin (it gets dry), nails, hair starts to fall out. Especially dangerous anemia in pregnancy, as it can lead to dangerous complications such as fetal hypoxia.

Low hemoglobin is the basis for the appointment of a pregnant iron preparations. However, they should drink only on doctor's advice. Excess iron also does not benefit the body: it causes liver, pancreas, lung, heart irregularities and blurred vision.


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