He will realize

Stop feeding to the child not be tempted to check whether the bounce mom again if another bite. As soon as a

first bite or "almost bite" Encourage your child to secure for biting - a special toy or teether that he knew on what you can feel your teeth without consequences. Explain to him at that: "It can bite you want. And suck must be cautious. "

Some moms are taking more stringent measures in response to the bite - immediately put the child on the floor. A few seconds later a frustrated child can be reassured. He will realize that biting leads to unpleasant consequences.

When the baby is not breastfeeding

Mother's natural reaction to pain may discourage biting child hunting. Many children flinch at loud exclamation mother and immediately release the nipple. Some may even cry. Such a negative experience for many children is enough to no longer try. vast majority of children wean biting quickly if mom always instantly and firmly respond to biting his chest.


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