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In the second stage of labor, while promoting the head through the birth canal, giving the vertical position is possible in different ways: sitting, half-sitting, squatting on his knees, etc. When a child is born vertical delivery independently without obstetric care in childbirth. Implementation in practice of the modern mode of labor management in a vertical position mothers helps reduce the number of complications in childbirth for both mother and child, reduces the need to use drugs.

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Most likely, your baby is among the 96% of infants who were born head first. Once the fetal head is cut for vulvar ring doctor suck mucus from the baby's airway using a vacuum electric pumps. This allows faster newborn to take the first breath of his life. You'll know about it immediately by a loud cry, which notifies all kid about his arrival in this world.

It so happens that the first breath somewhat delayed. The reasons are many. Judge: man just broke through serious obstacles losing the sense of the familiar comfort, did not leave him for 9 months! And what awaits him here? Monstrous differential temperature environment. Also - drop light. On top of all birth stress accompanied by the release of hormones, including adrenaline. Anyway, do not worry - the doctors present at birth only to make a baby into the world as safe as possible. Then processed and cut the umbilical cord, the baby show mom called him the floor. You can give a child right now, and you can even attach it to your chest. And it starts full joys and worries new life - a life with your baby.


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