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Child nutrition in the first months

Intake quantity baby milk with 10-20 ml in the first days of life is gradually increased: on the third day - 40-50 ml per feeding, the 7th day of 70-80 ml, by the end of the first month of life 100-110 ml. However, even the same child at different feeding can suck different amount of milk. If a child is developing normally, gaining weight well, sleeps and wakes, then the mother's milk is enough. However, if the baby after each feeding worries not withstand periods between feedings, it can be assumed that the milk is not enough.

In this case, the clinic doctor conducts "check feeding" (baby weighed before initiation of breastfeeding mothers and after feeding) and calculate the daily amount of food received by the child. Child between 8-10 days to 2 months should receive milk per day, equal to 1/5 of its body weight.

If repeated control feedings establish that milk is not enough, the kid prescribe supplementation: donor milk or adapted milk mixture. The smaller the child, the more desirable donor human milk. At the age of 2-3 months can be waived and go to supplementation adapted mixtures.


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