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. Q: Is it necessary

Cove for what it is dry.

. Q: Whether to use the list of approved cars

ritetov in early learning?

A: Yes.

. Q: When people mention the sponsorship of the


A: Whenever you encourage the child.

. Q: Is it necessary to mention all those who are

the list of authorities?

A: Yes, all at once or two at a conversation.

. Q: If I want to give a child a task as

make sure that he listens to me?

A: Call his name.

. Q: Should I always call the baby by name,

before we start talking?

A: Yes.

. Q: What should I do if my child still does not vanish

schaet attention to me after

I called him by his name?

A: Turn it around to face him, and contact

thereto again.


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