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Exercises for Breast

with o b l e a t u s e l e m e n t a r n e s s r and l and a r and r and rices and n e d o p y i s tin g s and with tons of e in m o l o to a;

n d e d o p w and s and t n r & b and l and s t o m e n o d o and n and k o v e c o o l and h e s t o m in about l to about and of b and e x

g r y d i x. D l I e T otal n e o b o x e and m o p q r k l e a s t c a s p e b e n to a n of about h e r c e n o t o to ld of th,

t on to Dr. Mr. of th e g r y and, as n and p with the corollary in th o f m to o p m e n l and n ervice of th e p r e l a r a t s p e r y in th

g p y e s;

- In front of the biggest - night break, try to empty both

chest to one of them "pererastyanulas" With more abstinence;

- Do daily exercises.

Exercises for Breast

The daily these exercises will help to achieve visible results in 5 weeks.

And with x ld on e n l o w o n e: with tons of I n and by about l e n i x, o p e r e in w and s p y a m and about n e s in about a second and a


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