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Incidentally, I saw the corner


Crossing the border by customs yet you can

feel that there is no democracy, and nobody will

smiled and asked: "The purpose of your visit to the country." And

income, gold hardware, all you have to declare,

Frankly about childbirth

Life with a clean slate

and they will be on the border scare that now undress naked and

check everything. Incidentally, I saw the corner of his eye the room where

undressed woman, so the question: "How much do you

Money? And whether you have another currency? "I have long thought that

answer, the truth or lie. And my husband said we should

decisively say what you need!

Overall, the experience left a lot, and

good and bad. Month was over quickly, we returned

home in Russia. Holiday came to an end, we went to work.

And again, I floated and spun. Boss


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  • Incidentally, I saw the corner
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