Julien at home

-Cabbage soup . First boil broth

veal or pork ribs ( hours), salt to

taste. By the way, it can be done the night before. As

broth has cooled, take out the meat and I cut it into cubes and

again dipped in the broth. I bring it to a boil,

add chopped potatoes, carrots floor

(Worn on a coarse grater), floor cabbage.

Cook another - minutes. Soup is ready.

-Beet salad. Boil the beets in advance (several

pieces). Put it in storage in the refrigerator.

Cook hard-boiled eggs in the morning. Put on a plate

each tablespoons beet, grate top

cheese and pour the egg and beetroot mayonnaise.

Julien at home (this dish can be as

everyday and the festive table). Two

separate the chicken breasts from the bone, the mode to

small cubes, fry until golden brown,

then add salt and water (a little to cubes

meat plunged), bring to a boil and now

steamed chicken pieces minutes. From above


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