But I still do not advise

Low heels better move very early in pregnancy, or change shoes gradually. Some heroic figures able to move up to the birth of high heels. But I still do not advise that you changed noticeably center of gravity, and you are not as stable as before. And can fall accidentally.

Leg cramps and spasms usually occur not only as a result of fatigue or the fact that the uterus puts pressure on some vessels and nerves. Very often during pregnancy or

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childbirth cramps and spasms in the legs are a signal of the calcium-phosphorus balance (too much phosphorus). If spasms strong and often disturbed, it is necessary to inform your doctor, as long as you can in your diet to reduce the number of products containing phosphorus, while adding foods rich in calcium. During spasms can take a warm (but not hot!) Bath or shower, apply to the muscles warmer, do foot massage (stroking arm upward).


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