Seasick on hands

Seasick on hands , like asleep . How only shifts in bed , immediately wakes and shouts .

Well , in - first , perhaps , you its laid in cot in that most " quick sleep " when the child very sensitive to external stimuli . therefore try its shift after those the most 20 minutes , of which I wrote earlier .

More way : go on вашей кровати , покормить , в процессе чего ребенок , скорее всего , уснет , полежать некоторое time and quietly crawl ... Baby will gradually dive in deep sleep in environment your odor and without extra movements around . When he falls asleep enough deep , reload the its in crib .

Next способ особенно актуален зимой . Прежде чем переложить малыша in crib , put there minute on 10 heating pad . Breaking with from warm mom and put in warm bed , he feels themselves good and snug and asleep .

Baby poorly sleeps in its crib : often wakes up , crying .

Try several nights swaddle . If cause in though , that kid more uncomfortable feeling themselves on Freedom , diapering , certainly , will help . On night necessarily do massage tummy , to give baby " propukatsya "- very often anxiety deliver accumulated in intestine gases . Feed on request , and not on Time - baby can cry from hunger . Check , how comfortable clothing , in which he sleeps . I bodykit on night prefer


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