I against sickness

I against sickness . If a child not wants sleep , then drive the its in sleep by means of create discomfort in its vestibular apparatus think not most Top way . Be Like with toddler on hands , gently shaking its and humming a lullaby , when he upset or wants to sleep ? Yes , of course ! But not pace on apartment , furiously waving a child , until that not asleep from ? Yes , of course ! But sit for hours and monotonically to download it , until at child not whirl head - no ! Despite on bewitching its the beauty of paintings of the old Russian way of life , where mom sews and leg swings cradle ...

Special rocker , in which so great sleep kids ? Um ... Well under window for sure yes children's playground ? Go and try to swing with closed eyes ... Through several minutes will be nicely and pull in sleep , through minute 10 very whirl head and you feel , as it bad was heavy and you willing to literally " fall " in sleep . 's children and fall . Not too приятно , правда ? Гуляя , катать коляску туда обратно ? Да , есть дети , которые просыпаются , если коляска остановилась . Но to of that you not had quite a long time afterwards conduct on street , not having opportunities nor for a minute to sit down , not Roll the baby All walk . Carried on street , a ride , while he not fell asleep , and ... themselves on shop with book or girlfriend . Let sleeping in статичном положении . Единственная форма укачивания , которая me Like , it when child rides in car . But when this movement are others mechanisms , to that same sound engine creates a magical " white noise ", and the children sleep at Traffic wonderful ! Take this on interesting . So here : I against energetic motion sickness as only and constant form placing the baby to sleep . In addition , from travel sickness toddler then difficult wean . And on то имеется чисто физиологическая причина . Тот же вестибулярный аппарат запускает team sleep only at certain stage " ukachannosti " and already not will this team in static position does . Simply speaking , child becomes just physically unable to sleep without it pendulum .


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