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Vick, for example, when

16 If you really want, you can even hear the sound of an orange. The easiest way to see how it rolls off the table and hit- etsya on the floor ... Some children find that the orange has its own channel audio, but each of them hears the sound differently. Vick, for example, when the word ORANGE hears high melodic sound like a flute.

17 Game 4 Game 4 Read these words and try to imagine them as well as layer- in ORANGE. But bear in mind that not necessarily all feel. On- example, a single word can see and hear more - only see the third - see, touch, and feel its taste and smell. Do as you like. Just do not forget to mark as you imagined every word. see hear chuvs tv th taste chuvs tv th smell BALL LEV WALNUT BOUQUET SCISSORS CHERRY POTATO

18 Recall and record WORDS Let's see how many points You got a game. Recalled: less 4 words .3 Points 4 to 6 words .7 Points all 7 words 12 Points My Points for the 4th game

19 Game 5 Game 5 You already knew that the word can see, hear, touch, feel its taste and smell. This will help you to remember a variety of words. And in order to remember them in order of KU, imagine that the words - it's what the characters- that history. Look how it makes Vick. Memorize words with her. These are the words to remember: CAMEL JOURNAL WIND CARNATION NIGHT HAT


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