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With d o b e n o t e s t o (t o rt s, b with

with d o b e n o t e s t o (t o rt s, b with d o n s d e l x b, c b d o n e s b y l o h a s), m and n to a, n w e n o.

Food permissible for allergies

Nutrition of pregnant women should be varied and nutritious. If pregnant women are excluded from your diet vysokoallergennyh products, what can she eat?

Admitted to nutrition:

I m about to t in a n o p e (r o i d in g th, n e w p and n and I with a and n and n and, to a series of n and k, and n d e d to a);

p r o s t o w to in a while, to e ^ and p, m in o r o d, s with p and m and n "I n t a r e";

of t in n and p and I and t u e n w and I to have a n s t a to b and h and k, and n and m and Levinson s, with a l and m;

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Exercises for Breast

with o b l e a t u s e l e m e n t a r n e s s r and l and a r and r and rices and n e d o p y i s tin g s and with tons of e in m o l o to a;

n d e d o p w and s and t n r & b and l and s t o m e n o d o and n and k o v e c o o l and h e s t o m in about l to about and of b and e x

g r y d i x. D l I e T otal n e o b o x e and m o p q r k l e a s t c a s p e b e n to a n of about h e r c e n o t o to ld of th,

t on to Dr. Mr. of th e g r y and, as n and p with the corollary in th o f m to o p m e n l and n ervice of th e p r e l a r a t s p e r y in th

g p y e s;

- In front of the biggest - night break, try to empty both

chest to one of them "pererastyanulas" With more abstinence;

- Do daily exercises.

Exercises for Breast

The daily these exercises will help to achieve visible results in 5 weeks.

And with x ld on e n l o w o n e: with tons of I n and by about l e n i x, o p e r e in w and s p y a m and about n e s in about a second and a

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It gave him a second, he and his began

rather than milk, and very little, he needs supplementation "- with

Confidence she said, - "you will give Reb NKU drink

until he calmed down. " She quickly ran off somewhere and

brought four vials of ml glucose ( to bubble on

size and shape resembled, as used to be

penicillin). She slipped it into her mouth with baby pacifier

glucose, he drank e per second, in the same breath. It

gave him a second, he and his began greedily suck. "You see," -

the woman said, - "I told you, he's hungry and thirsty

wants! So, I kid you'll take the night,'ll watch him,

pokormlyu and satiated, and you rest. " These are good people

rare, but caught me on the way, especially when I really

need their help! "I see him and jaundice appeared,

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Air baths conduct

Air hardening

Air hardening provides daily walks regardless of the weather. Walks should be constant and observe it must accurately. Best of all walks between breakfast and lunch. Duration 2-2.5 hours walking. Clothing should be comfortable and fit the weather. Caused the cancellation of walks can be torrential rain, large cold with a strong wind.

Air baths should begin to apply with 2 or 3 months of age. Читать полностью -->

The main thing

Partnerships in childbirth originally knit family can further strengthen the relationship and create an amazing emotional background.

Father and Child

Theme of "man and childbirth" implies a two important issues: the first contact with the baby's father and sexual relations between young parents.

Many dads admit that began experiencing very warm feelings for her baby after they took it (barely born!) on hand. It is therefore recommended to give his father hold the baby immediately after birth.

The main thing - to emphasize the role of the husband in the upbringing of the child and as often as possible to give my father to hold him in her arms. Let dad lay baby bathe him, in short, to participate meaningfully in the care of it.

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