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Anastasia asked

Woman nurse prepare the team rushed to surgery.

Anastasia asked in bewilderment: "I've got a whole more

weeks ... "When the doctor said in a serious voice:" And

Now we are not talking about the baby and about your life ... "Goosebumps

swept through the body of a young woman. "So, then so

be "- she thought. It turned out that the baby so Nasty

clamped kidney, they are about going to refuse, and this

Frankly about childbirth

My thoughts

certain death! Thank God nothing happened, and was born

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. Q: Is it necessary

Cove for what it is dry.

. Q: Whether to use the list of approved cars

ritetov in early learning?

A: Yes.

. Q: When people mention the sponsorship of the


A: Whenever you encourage the child.

. Q: Is it necessary to mention all those who are

the list of authorities?

A: Yes, all at once or two at a conversation.

. Q: If I want to give a child a task as

make sure that he listens to me?

A: Call his name.

. Q: Should I always call the baby by name,

before we start talking?

A: Yes.

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Listens to sound

By the 20 - th day

Distinctly reacts on voice of my mother. If baby not sees its before him, but hears its voice, then freezes concentrated; expression eye becomes crafty, they on - special shine. Several time he can say curtly and clearly sounds similar on gykane - gukane.

In time wakefulness often and long smiling in answer on his mother's smile.

Sometimes can Copy expression persons mom: open mouth, stick tongue.

Listen attentively in vote adults. Freezes.

Listens to sound rattles when not sees its before him.

In time wakefulness sometimes publishes different sounds. peered in expressive face dolls.

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In this case, the clinic

Child nutrition in the first months

Intake quantity baby milk with 10-20 ml in the first days of life is gradually increased: on the third day - 40-50 ml per feeding, the 7th day of 70-80 ml, by the end of the first month of life 100-110 ml. However, even the same child at different feeding can suck different amount of milk. If a child is developing normally, gaining weight well, sleeps and wakes, then the mother's milk is enough. However, if the baby after each feeding worries not withstand periods between feedings, it can be assumed that the milk is not enough.

In this case, the clinic doctor conducts "check feeding" (baby weighed before initiation of breastfeeding mothers and after feeding) and calculate the daily amount of food received by the child. Child between 8-10 days to 2 months should receive milk per day, equal to 1/5 of its body weight.

If repeated control feedings establish that milk is not enough, the kid prescribe supplementation: donor milk or adapted milk mixture. The smaller the child, the more desirable donor human milk. Читать полностью -->

I was frightened, said

did not want to go home, and we stayed with them overnight.

At night I have stomach ache so that I could not lie.

I got up, went to the toilet and drank tablet shpy

(Nospanum best friend is pregnant! Always with you

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

You need to have at least a couple of tablets). Half an hour later the pain subsided,

and I fell asleep.

In the morning, the whole family had breakfast, then laughed a

the jokes, to tell my parents. Well, then,

about eleven o'clock in the morning, the tears began after

how I went to the toilet and found a dark brown

blood stains on my pants. I was frightened, said this

mother, then lay down on the couch and cried. I was

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