But I still do not advise

Low heels better move very early in pregnancy, or change shoes gradually. Some heroic figures able to move up to the birth of high heels. But I still do not advise that you changed noticeably center of gravity, and you are not as stable as before. And can fall accidentally.

Leg cramps and spasms usually occur not only as a result of fatigue or the fact that the uterus puts pressure on some vessels and nerves. Very often during pregnancy or

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childbirth cramps and spasms in the legs are a signal of the calcium-phosphorus balance (too much phosphorus). If spasms strong and often disturbed, it is necessary to inform your doctor, as long as you can in your diet to reduce the number of products containing phosphorus, while adding foods rich in calcium. Читать полностью -->

You cling, Mother of God Most

Prayer wife before delivery to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is shed Vesi birth and mother and child of nature, have mercy on Thy servant (name) , and in this hour Pomoz yes Bremen resolved their safely. O most gracious Lady, Mother of God, which shall not be required didst aid in the birth of the Son Bo zhiya, podazhd help this your servant, requiring assistance, especially those who are the same from you. blagomoschie Give her in this hour, and will give birth to the baby and his ilk imat might enter in the light of this world to vouchsafe mayest time and umnago light into the holy baptism by water and spirit. You cling, Mother of God Most High, praying: wake this gracious mother, eyzhe priide time byti mother and Pray You incarnate of Christ our God, strengthen Her by his power over. Amen.

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Or alternative

Scientists believe, substances similar to female hormones that get into your body at 8-12th week of pregnancy can significantly complicate the life of your son: sexual problems, reduced sperm quality, infertility. Or alternative

orientation. Or testicular cancer ... Br-rr! I do not know how right panicked scientists. But why take the risk.

So even if we forget about the hypothetical dangers of phthalates, still remember the following points:

and c e t o n and p and with tons of p and m e l and, o t o s p e a d e p o w a t I l and k e d l i n o r t e d and f and g to about s t and fo r a n t i I

l and to a in p a n e s c a m and w e c a m e b y p e n to y. T o w e a m o f a to and from a e t i c e p a s t in fo r y k l and k and d in o l o s;

x and m and h e i s th at h and and to have l y w h e n e e l a s t d of 12 - th n e e l and. Читать полностью -->

Physical factors: in s with

Such an absurdity once said in a TV advertisement. Ecology, of course, can not be poisoned, because it's only environmental science. But the environmental situation around the modern man is poor.

On the factors that can damage your pregnancy, you may encounter both at home and on the street and at work. Consider them.

Physical factors:

in s with about to and I and n and s to t and I m e n e r a t u r a n e p e n d a s t e m p e r a t u r s;

n of a s w e n n a i and l and p o n e n w and n and I n and w n o s t s;

with k in Kozlov ays to.

Ionizing radiation - in X-ray rooms, radiological laboratories, as well as in others, the most unexpected places.

Non-ionizing radiation and electromagnetic fields - we have enough of this around: electrical, power lines, mobile phones, transmitter antennas, microwave ovens, and here is the surplus or deficiency of ultraviolet radiation.

Industrial noise, ultrasound, infrasound.

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Julien at home

-Cabbage soup . First boil broth

veal or pork ribs ( hours), salt to

taste. By the way, it can be done the night before. As

broth has cooled, take out the meat and I cut it into cubes and

again dipped in the broth. I bring it to a boil,

add chopped potatoes, carrots floor

(Worn on a coarse grater), floor cabbage.

Cook another - minutes. Soup is ready.

-Beet salad. Читать полностью -->

I was in the House

Reb knock sun did not pass, so she said, "cut" and

extruded, and hardly ever esch she wants to give birth.

I was in the House when the doctor came for a visit, she

felt his stomach, then listened to him with his straw.

Said in a tone the uterus, it is necessary to put a drip.

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

About ten o'clock in the morning the nurse came into the ward in

hands was not rack with all the dropper

prichindalami. Of course, I stupidly did that lay down face-to-

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