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16 If you really want, you can even hear the sound of an orange

Diapers So you have

Of course, you can spend additional employmentment, but the easiest way to treat a bowel movementwell as to urinate: for the "accident" doreprimand the child, ask him ten times conbined in the campaigns on the pot and change clothes.Thus, if you teach kids to go topot in a little, it is unlikely that it will ariseproblems with defecation.DiapersSo you have to teach your child self-potty

Pears filled

Method of preparationWash pears, potatoes with a knife to remove the core and part of the flesh

The head nurse told

birth certificate is intended to pay forsecond six months of clinical supervisionthe child.The head nurse told me to come a day after -

However, if even normal

First of all, note the color selections

I jumped in the ward

lull, but I already tried sun, but nothing helped

I against sickness

I against sickness

Remove painful mood

Remove painful moodT h e b e p and t with s in p r and h and n and s in on e r o p l o x o d o n a s t o p e n i and n o d o in o p and t e o b e r o m b l h and k and m and.E with l and and in a s e r a w and w and s in t and t s o d c h a n t s e x.H e d e l a y t e m n o r o l and w ays p a b s o r - at and in a e s t Proof and ebruary n and m i and m and n a and Dr

Should be completely

Need as soon as possible to identify the disease and begin treatment to avoid undesirable consequences

Cucumbers and cut into

Ingredients3-4 potato tuber, 3 pickles, 2 onions, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 100 g of mayonnaise, 1 bunch dill and pepper to taste.Method of preparationWash potatoes, boiled in their skins, peel and cut into slices

Seasick on hands

Seasick on hands , like asleep

Fresh apples and cabbage

And what is not pleased beans? Rich in protein and micronutrients vegetable compromised for one reason: it promotes gas formation in the digestive tract

But I still do not advise

Low heels better move very early in pregnancy, or change shoes gradually

You cling, Mother of God Most

Prayer wife before delivery to the Blessed Virgin MaryBlessed Virgin, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is shed Vesi birth and mother and child of nature, have mercy on Thy servant (name) , and in this hour Pomoz yes Bremen resolved their safely

Or alternative

Scientists believe, substances similar to female hormones that get into your body at 8-12th week of pregnancy can significantly complicate the life of your son: sexual problems, reduced sperm quality, infertility

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Such an absurdity once said in a TV advertisement

Julien at home

-Cabbage soup

I was in the House

Reb knock sun did not pass, so she said, "cut" andextruded, and hardly ever esch she wants to give birth.I was in the House when the doctor came for a visit, shefelt his stomach, then listened to him with his straw.Said in a tone the uterus, it is necessary to put a drip.Frankly about childbirthMiracles do happenAbout ten o'clock in the morning the nurse came into the ward inhands was not rack with all the dropperprichindalami

To give birth, so sometimes

g of p m o n a l s n s e n a r y e n w i;n e d o r a s and t in s t o s p o l o u t a p o r a tio n;W o l s h e T h e r s b e p e n to a;and h b s t about to about to about l o p l o a n s h o d;n about a corollary into and I n e r e n e s e p n s h o n a l a r and o m e n u t h a b e l o a n d n o l o u t a p o r a tio n and t

M a n d and p and n - 1 w t.; - Tea with

m a n d and p and n - 1 w t.;- Tea with Lemon - 200 ml

"Maybe cesarean? Sun the same, the first

"It must be so," - said the doctor after I told herdescribed symptoms

Select a few of the most

As you can see, the composition of these exercises include some elements of instinctive behavior of mothers

Incidentally, I saw the corner

Uzbekistan.Crossing the border by customs yet you canfeel that there is no democracy, and nobody willsmiled and asked: "The purpose of your visit to the country." Andincome, gold hardware, all you have to declare,Frankly about childbirthLife with a clean slateand they will be on the border scare that now undress naked andcheck everything

There are two ways


Method of preparation

300 g of green leaf lettuce, 1 tablespoon mustard 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, salt to taste.Method of preparationWash lettuce, chopped, put in a bowl, add salt, season with a mixture of vegetable oil and mustard and serve.Green salad with tomatoesIngredients400 g of lettuce, 4 tablespoons vegetable oil, 2 tomatoes, salt to taste.Method of preparationWash lettuce leaves, coarsely chopped, and salt

With d o b e n o t e s t o (t o rt s, b with

with d o b e n o t e s t o (t o rt s, b with d o n s d e l x b, c b d o n e s b y l o h a s), m and n to a, n w e n o.Food permissible for allergiesNutrition of pregnant women should be varied and nutritious

Exercises for Breast

with o b l e a t u s e l e m e n t a r n e s s r and l and a r and r and rices and n e d o p y i s tin g s and with tons of e in m o l o to a;n d e d o p w and s and t n r & b and l and s t o m e n o d o and n and k o v e c o o l and h e s t o m in about l to about and of b and e x g r y d i x

It gave him a second, he and his began

rather than milk, and very little, he needs supplementation "- withConfidence she said, - "you will give Reb NKU drinkuntil he calmed down

Air baths conduct

Air hardeningAir hardening provides daily walks regardless of the weather

The main thing

Partnerships in childbirth originally knit family can further strengthen the relationship and create an amazing emotional background.Father and ChildTheme of "man and childbirth" implies a two important issues: the first contact with the baby's father and sexual relations between young parents.Many dads admit that began experiencing very warm feelings for her baby after they took it (barely born!) on hand

Anastasia asked

Woman nurse prepare the team rushed to surgery.Anastasia asked in bewilderment: "I've got a whole moreweeks ..

. Q: Is it necessary

Cove for what it is dry.

Listens to sound

By the 20 - th dayDistinctly reacts on voice of my mother

In this case, the clinic

Child nutrition in the first monthsIntake quantity baby milk with 10-20 ml in the first days of life is gradually increased: on the third day - 40-50 ml per feeding, the 7th day of 70-80 ml, by the end of the first month of life 100-110 ml

I was frightened, said

did not want to go home, and we stayed with them overnight.At night I have stomach ache so that I could not lie.I got up, went to the toilet and drank tablet shpy(Nospanum best friend is pregnant! Always with youFrankly about childbirthMiracles do happenYou need to have at least a couple of tablets)

When choosing napkins

Keep baby wipes better in kid's room

If the membranes

Important signs beginning of preterm birth may be the selection of amniotic fluid, often with blood.If you suspect a miscarriage a woman should be urgently hospitalized.If the membranes are intact, you can try some delay childbirth: doctors prescribe medications that soothe the uterine activity.However, it so happens that we have to bear now.Risk FactorsNow let's see what can terminate a pregnancy, to complicate it for, cause serious trouble for you and your baby

Then processed

In the second stage of labor, while promoting the head through the birth canal, giving the vertical position is possible in different ways: sitting, half-sitting, squatting on his knees, etc

Fish paste with curd

Wash peppers, coarsely chopped, put in a pan, pour a little water, salt and simmer for 10 minutes

Then she continued: "Yes, it hurts, but we must

deeper and deeper, "Suffer it to be done to the neckuterus itself became open

X l e b u s x p y s t i n, and e - 2 w t.; e to f and p - 200 m l. O b e d: with

x l e b u s x p y s t i n, and e - 2 w t.;e to f and p - 200 m l

Formed after the appearance

MastitisThe affected breast tissue inflammation

He will realize

Stop feeding to the child not be tempted to check whether the bounce mom again if another bite

Low hemoglobin

Despite the fact that most women in the diet there is enough iron-rich foods, low hemoglobin found in many of them


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